Creative Direction

In a city where the world's culinary treasures are right at our fingertips, it's often surprising how we sometimes hesitate to fully embrace the variety of flavors and cultures available to us. Many of us can relate to being questioned about our own cultural cuisine as children, and the resulting lack of understanding can lead to feelings of isolation. Our journey towards embracing different cultures often begins with embracing our own.

Recognizing these challenges, we embarked on a mission to empower three talented Ghanaian youth, giving them the opportunity to learn and create their traditional meals. We firmly believe that when young people are confident in their cultural identity, they have the power to create welcoming spaces where others are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and savor something new.

This compelling campaign showcased this inspiring initiative through a captivating video and photos that captured the three youth, alongside Mama Akua, as they came together to prepare an intimate and culturally enriching meal.

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